ASTRA is a small aracade console themed with space. The aim of the machine was to create an engaging interaction between a machine and a user triggering a mechanism or such. The machine had no specific purpose other than being playful, joyful, whimsical, devious, absurd. The concept that drove the design of ASTRA was to create a machine that would provide the user with a gamification of space.

The final design consists of:


1. simple projector with an LCD screen and lens to magnify the image.

2. A holographic glass where the image is projected to create a hologram effect.

3. An ultrasonic sensor as trigger. When a user is detected a curtain is lifted by a servo motor and an LED strip is lit up all connected with an Arduino UNO.

A circular hologram can be viewed in the centre of the machine. The projection is created by an shows a space arcade game executed with a raspberrypi (retropie). The user is then able to play the game with an Xbox controller connected to the raspberrypi remotly. After 2 min the curtain closes (end of the game).


It is all encased in a two-story cylindrical black acrylic structure which can be opened and closed at the top by an iris linkages mechanism.

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by Bettina Sosa Rohl