M31 Controller

Group members || Aida Manzano-Kharman / Saym Hussain / Harvey Upton / Bettina Sosa.

My responsibility in this project was CEO. In addition, I was heavily involved with overall aesthetics, renders, brand identity(logo, slide design) and business plan.

Andromeda is an audio-tactile gaming system that promotes socially inclusive play between visually impaired and sighted individuals.

In the UK, over 2 million people have severe visual impairments.

Since the rapid development of consumer electronics and digital media in the past decade, those with visual impairments are increasingly feeling left behind.

Through our research, design and engineering process Controller M31 was created which expands the non-visual output of existing games, opening up the possibility for people with severe visual impairments to explore digital spaces and experience games.

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Final outcome


App design

The Andromeda App is the hub for discovering Andromeda supported games, finding other people to play with and learning how to use Controller M31. Based on our initial research we learnt that an App would be the best way to communicate the required information to our user group. The App was prototyped using Adobe XD. It would be tailored to work with IOS and Android accessibility features. All aspects of the application are subtitled, making it easier to navigate with voiceover. The App has a simple UI to help make navigation easy.


Packaging design

Based on insights from user interviews, the packaging for Controller M31 was designed to be fun and easy to unbox and get started with. The packaging features QR codes which a link to voiceover walk throughs. With embossed Braille descriptions and shapes indicating where to open the magnetic lid of the box. Additionally, the packaging is made from recycled paper-board with starch based adhesive to connect the parts together.

by Bettina Sosa Rohl