A new educational platform designed to the specifics of students.

Working with researchers Freddie Page and Stephen Green. I was asked to come up with the overall design of the platform. All design descicions were made based on researched on both psychology and student feedback. These determined a large span of elements such as the fluidity of the web app or the colour palette. After creating a basic style for the platform, my task was to bring all those XD prototypes into code. Using html5, CSS3 and javascript to create the basic elements for the web app. These included CSS grids, animations, menu items, cards etc. Finally I also worked on icons and visual identity for the project.

Ongoing project:Github repository


Prototype boards and flow

Home page

main dashboard

User's main dashboard

main dashboard

Assignment dashboard

assignment Phones

Student blog/ Meeting Agenda


Gantt chart (Adding a task)


Gantt chart

by Bettina Sosa Rohl