This robot is able to avoid obstacles, sniff out lizards (magnetic, ultrasonic, normal) in a simulated tropical rain forest, and participate in a soccer penalty shootout competition. The casing was designed to be able to be dismantled and reused. The main structure consists of three wooden platforms. The outer casing is origami shaped vegetable paper to disfuse the light of the LED strip.


1. Drive – how to drive and control electrical motors (DC and servo)

2. Sense – how to capture, handle and process sensor signals (infrared and ultrasonic were used)

3. Link – how to communicate between two electronics modules

4. Do – how to use computer programs to provide a degree of intelligence and adaption to the environment

Authors: Amy Mather, Josh Moody, Judith Weill, Bettina Sosa.


packaging design
by Bettina Sosa Rohl