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About me

I'm Bettina Sosa, a software engineer with a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology. I have a strong track record of building and deploying successful products.

At Sojo, I was the founding full-stack engineer, responsible for the design, development, and deployment of the company's core platform. I built a scalable and user-friendly app that allowed users to order custom-made clothing online.

After Sojo, I joined Catapult Labs, a startup that is building a new DeFi protocol, as a founding full-stack software engineer. I played a key role in the development of the company's flagship product, a Web3 profiles platform that enables networking in the decentralized space.

In recent months, I have been working on developing innovative blockchain-based financial solutions. I have also been learning Solidity, the programming language used to develop smart contracts.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, painting, running long distances, and coding personal projects.

At Imperial College London, I studied design engineering. During my time at university, I worked on a number of projects, including Andromeda, which was awarded a gold prize in the Creative Conscience Awards, and AXOWear, which was exhibited at the Design Museum London.